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General conditions

The Real Life Concierge, called “RLC”, is responsible for the promotion, exploitation and management of tourist accommodations, apartments and houses, where unless otherwise specified, the rules and conditions described here are applied.

General conditions

The information presented on the website can be updated or changed without any prior notice. Thus, the availability and values ​​presented or sent to potential customers may change and must be confirmed before booking the stay.
Stay reservations are only considered confirmed after a minimum payment of 30% of the total stay, using the methods provided by RLC, and when necessary, the respective receipt by the client to RLC.
After receiving a successful stay reservation (with the respective payment), RLC will send the proof of booking by email with the approved details, binding both parties (customer and RLC).
When paying the reservation, the customer confirms the full and unreserved acceptance of the conditions presented by RLC and made explicit in this document.
Any request for changes to the booked stay is subject to prior validation by the RLC and its acceptance may or may not change the conditions initially agreed.
Customers can cancel reservations for stays made according to the following conditions:
No penalty if cancellation is made up to 60 days before the check-in date. The total amount of the reservation will be returned to the customer.
Penalty of 30% of the reservation amount if canceled 7 days before the check-in date. The remaining amounts already paid for the reservation will be returned to the customer.
Penalty of 100% of the reservation amount in case of no show. There will be no place to return any value to the customer.
Stays booked online through other partner portals are subject to the conditions presented therein.
Near the date of the reserved stay, customers will receive an email from RLC to:
• Confirm check-in time.
• Request the sending of adult guest IDs.
• Inform the payment procedures for the remaining amount of the stay.
Customers must pay the remaining amount of the booked stay up to 15 days before the check-in date, by the means provided by RLC.
If the accommodation indicates the payment of a deposit amount as mandatory, it must be paid by the clients up to one week before the check-in date, by the means provided by RLC.
The normal check-in and check-out times for RLC accommodations are:
• Check-in - between 4pm and 8pm.
• Check-out - between 8 am and 10 am.
In case of need and in advance, customers may request late check-in, with an additional fee and paid upon arrival at the accommodation of:
from 8 pm to 11 pm, the customer will be charged an extra € 30 for the service.
from 11 pm until 2 am, the customer will be charged an extra € 50 for the service.
General rules for stays in RLC accommodations:
1. Only guests duly identified by customers when booking are allowed to stay at the accommodation. Any changes to the number of guests during the stay must be previously authorized by RLC and may or may not change the conditions initially agreed.
2. The number of guests may at no time be greater than the maximum number identified in the accommodation.
3. Smoking is not allowed inside the accommodation. Failure to comply with this rule will cost € 100, to be deducted from the deposit of the accommodation reservation.
4. Parties or events are not allowed in the accommodation or in the respective condominiums.
5. Pets of any kind are not allowed in the accommodation unless explicitly indicated in the respective accommodation and upon payment of a pet fee.
6. Unless otherwise stated, it is not allowed to make noise in the accommodation or the respective condominium between 22h and 8h.
7. The accommodation must be kept in a good state of conservation and the equipment used in a responsible manner, always complying with all the safety rules existing in the accommodation.
8. It is the guest's responsibility to supervise the children in charge and ensure that they comply with the safety rules existing in the accommodation and respective condominium.
At the end of the stay, the customer must return the key received to RLC.
• The loss of a key or the case of leaving the key inside the accommodation, requiring the supply of a replacement key and / or opening the door entails costs between 60 € to 120 € paid by the guest at the time of resolution.
Any damages caused to the property during the clients' stay, whether intentional, through negligence or intent, are the responsibility of the same and are not restricted to the security deposit.

After check-out the RLC will validate the condition of the accommodation and if it detects any damage, it may retain the deposit, in whole or in part, in order to bear the costs of repairing or replacing the damage caused.
Except in the situations identified above, customers received the security deposit paid up to 7 days after the check-out date of the accommodation.
If customers detect any damage or breakdown in the accommodation or its equipment, you must immediately inform RLC so that it can act on its repair or replacement.
RLC is not responsible for any object or property of guests left inside the accommodation.
If guests do not comply with the general rules defined here, the particular rules indicated in the respective accommodation, the security rules indicated or respect for third parties in the condominium where the accommodation is located, RLC reserves the right to end their stay immediately without the right to any refund of the amounts paid for the stay.
When booking a stay in an RLC accommodation, customers are entitled to:
• Have the beds properly prepared with sheets, comforters and pillows, according to the number of guests indicated.
• Have a set of towels (hand towel and bath towel) for each indicated guest.
• Include basic electricity and water services.
• Have included basic gas services in accommodations that use gas equipment.
• Have included TV and Internet services in the accommodations where these services are explicitly indicated as free of charge.
If, for unforeseeable reasons and not attributable to RLC, the reserved accommodation cannot be used or there is a need to interrupt the stay, RLC will whenever possible make another accommodation with similar characteristics available to customers without refund by either party. If no accommodation is available, RLC will refund the amounts already paid for the stay in the periods when it does not materialize.
For any questions before and during their stays, customers should contact:
RLC person indicated at check-in.
• Telephone: + 00 351 913 430 306
• Email:

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